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Charge pile installation cost (individual charge pile installation cost)

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What is the approximate cost of installing charging piles

The installation cost of charging pile is mainly related to the installation conditions. For example, there is no cable fee within 30 meters, but the distribution box, switch and electricity meter have to pay the material fee. At the same time, it is also related to the types of charging piles. For example, the general household use is based on the charging treasure or AC pile, while the charging piles are mostly fast charging piles, with relatively high installation requirements.

Therefore, we can only give a general reference range: the installation cost of AC pile is between 500-2000 yuan, the fast filling pile is between 50-10000 yuan, and the material cost is included.


What procedures are required for charging pile installation? Do you want the seal of the property?

When you buy a car, the engineering department will contact you. Do you need Guodian or property power? Guodian needs property seal, and it takes a long time (about more than a month). It has the advantages of cheap charging price and affordable power. If the property electricity is more expensive, the property license can be installed! Installation is not completely free. You will spend more or less money. Don't think you can get well without spending money

Is the charging pile installed in its own parking space safe? How much is the cost?

This can only be done after the inspection and verification of the power grid department. Because the voltage required by the charging pile will be greater than the normal household voltage, it needs the approval of the property power grid and other departments. Generally, the installation cost of the source keeping charging pile is about half the cost of purchasing the charging pile~


How much does it cost to install a charging pile?

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It depends on whether you install the electric bicycle charging pile or the electric vehicle charging pile. The electric bicycle charging pile is relatively cheaper, mainly including the cost of these two pieces:

1. Cost of purchasing charging pile equipment: the price of an intelligent charging pile ranges from 800 to thousands of yuan, which mainly depends on the individual demand and function of the charging pile.

2. Installation cost: the purchase of installation materials and labor construction costs add up to about 1000. If you have a budget for installing charging piles, you can choose charging piles that are easy to construct and install.

What does the charge point installation cost include

According to experience, charging piles generally include material costs (cables, switches, consumables, devices, etc.), construction costs, other costs, etc. other costs refer to the additional costs that need to be paid during construction, such as safety deposit, etc. The installation cost is about 7000 yuan. Generally speaking, it can be done at about 1000 yuan