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Guangdong high speed charging station, how to query?

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2022 Spring Festival transportation has been started. What if you want to drive a new energy vehicle home for the new year and have mileage anxiety? During the national day last year, can the "embarrassing trip" experienced by new energy owners on the road, such as "charging for 1 hour and queuing for 4 hours", no longer exist?

On January 18, Guangdong Communications Group announced that the 28 new charging stations for new energy vehicles of the group had been put into operation before the Spring Festival transportation. At present, the group has 359 charging stations in the service area.


It is reported that all the 28 new charging stations are equipped with 160 kW fast charging piles, one machine and two guns. Two piles in each station can serve four new energy vehicles at the same time, hoping to alleviate the contradiction between charging supply and demand of "charging for one hour and queuing for four hours" during major holidays.

Especially in the section of Kaiyang Yangmao Expressway to the west of Guangdong, according to the large traffic flow, the configuration of charging facilities should be appropriately increased according to the "ultra-high configuration" of four piles at each station to further meet the charging needs of car owners.

Meanwhile, the owner can query the real-time status of charging map of Guangdong Expressway and charging area of service area through the official account of "WeChat road" in Guangdong, and plan the trip routes ahead of schedule.


According to Guangdong transportation group, the daily operation and management of the group's expressway self operated charging station is realized through the "Guangdong Tianlu intelligent charging platform" with independent intellectual property rights of the transportation development company. The platform has been in operation for more than two years, and has successively completed data docking with map software (Gaode, Baidu), government supervision platform (Yueyi charging), third-party charging platform (fast power, 4D tuxin, Xiaopeng, jiediantong, Guangzhou development, etc.).

Last October, the platform also completed docking with Yuetong card. Users can jump to Guangdong Alipay Road small program to charge by the Guangdong Tong card APP, and the unified connection of Guangdong Tong card customer service will further enhance the customer service level of major holidays.

According to the latest data released by the Guangdong Provincial Department of transportation on January 17, charging facilities have been basically installed in the service areas of Guangdong Expressway during the Spring Festival transportation this year, and the total number of charging stations in the service areas is 407.

Based on this calculation, the charging piles in the service area of Guangdong transportation group account for about 88% of the total number of high-speed service areas in Guangdong, nearly 90%.

However, it is worth noting that the construction of charging stations in Shengtang, liangjinshan, Yangjiang and Chengcun service areas of Shenhai expressway will be completed simultaneously with the road section reconstruction and expansion project. It is expected that the charging stations will not be opened to the public until the construction is completed.

Guangdong Provincial Communications Group said that during the peak period, the qualified service areas will carry out tidal management, guide new energy vehicles to the opposite service area for charging, and use the charging pile reasonably and efficiently.