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Two charging stations at the beginning and end of Bozhou bus open charging business for citizens

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As a means of transportation, new energy vehicles are green, environmentally friendly and save money, but... Charging is a big trouble. Good news!

In order to facilitate the general public to charge their cars, Bozhou bus will open the charging business to social vehicles at two bus head and end charging stations.


Open location

Bozhou Linzhang Park Bus Terminal


100m west of the intersection of Lixin road and Yaowang Avenue


Zhanzhuang bus terminal


Tangling North Road opposite Chengbei driving school


Opening Hours

7:00-18:00 every day

The charging pile adopts standardized plug, which is suitable for various types of electric vehicles. Citizens in need can download the "Bozhou handheld bus" app and self charge according to the tips.


It should be reminded that after the charging is completed, the charging should be stopped first, and the gun should be pulled out after settlement. Under thunderstorm, rainstorm and other bad weather conditions, it is forbidden to use charging equipment.

Before charging, it is necessary to confirm whether the charging interface of electric vehicle complies with Chinese national standards. Before connecting the charging gun, it is necessary to confirm that there is no ponding in the charging interface;

During charging, do not touch the plug-in charging gun or move the electric vehicle;

After charging, the charging gun can be pulled out, and the charging gun needs to be put back to the gun base, which can not be discarded at will.

During this period, in case of emergency, press the red "emergency stop" button on the charging pile