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Installation cost of electric vehicle charging pile (detailed list of installation cost of electric vehicle charging pile)

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How much does it cost to install a charging pile?

The single cost starts from 5000 yuan.

As long as individuals have parking spaces and property permits, they can apply for charging piles. The investment cost of a charging pile is about 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan depending on the location. Other non resident customers (including high-voltage customers) can also invest in the construction of charging and replacement facilities in government agencies, public institutions, large commercial areas, residential communities and other public areas.

Safety requirements for charging pile

(1) The substation shall be equipped with safety barriers, warning signs, safety signal lights and alarm bells.

(2) Warning signs of "stop, high voltage danger" shall be hung outside the high-voltage distribution room and transformer room or on the safety column of the substation. The sign of the warning board must face the outside of the fence.

(3) The high-voltage distribution device shall have obvious operation instructions. The grounding point of the equipment shall have obvious and visible signs.

(4) There shall be obvious signs of "safe passage" or "safe exit" in the room.

Reference to the above:

People's Network - State Grid: private charging piles can be installed at a single cost of 5000 yuan


How much does it cost to install the household charging pile

From the current experience, the installation cost of household charging pile is mainly related to charging pile and construction cost.

The cost of charging pile is generally determined. Some manufacturers send a set of simple charger when buying a car; If you want to use charging piles from regular manufacturers, the cost is about 2000 yuan.

The installation cost is related to the conditions. If there is a power supply nearby and the distance is not far, the cost will be about 500 yuan; If the wiring is very long and the trunking protection is required, it will be 1500-2000 or more, mainly due to the high cost of materials. Labor is generally 300-400 per day.

Finally, the above two expenses are added up. For reference.

Who should I look for to install electric vehicle charging piles in the community?

This must be to find the property first and see if your parking space belongs to you! This will also involve whether you charge electric motorcycles or new energy electric vehicles. You'd better go to the property first. If it's electric motorcycles, it's convenient for the property to agree. New energy electric vehicles are also installed in 4S stores and need to be tested by the power department. Your charging piles comply with relevant national laws and regulations!


Is it troublesome to install the electric vehicle charging pile now?

It shouldn't be troublesome, but these things will certainly be installed by special people for you. The electric car charging pile I bought at that time was installed. After I bought it, someone made an appointment with me to install it. It was installed quickly and can be used immediately after installation.

What is the installation price of electric vehicle charging pile

It depends on how large cables you need to use. Generally, the price of labor + Cable + auxiliary materials is 70 ~ 100 / m. the charging pile of electric vehicle is simple and thousands of yuan, and it is difficult to buy. Self use or business use?


I'd like to know all the expenses for the installation of electric vehicle charging pile

The installation cost of charging pile is divided into three parts. The first part is the cost of charging pile.

The second piece is accessories, including wires and sockets

The third is labor cost.

As far as I know, the tage intelligent charging pile on the market now implements the mode of free delivery. The installation cost is generally about 400. The cost is generally divided into three parts,

The first is that the cost of the equipment itself is generally 1000-5000, which is generally priced according to the function and demand;

The second cost is the installation cost. The general installation cost is 500 + cable pipe 60 yuan / m, depending on the specific construction distance;

In addition, some communities need to break the ground and green belts, which also requires a cost of about 1000 yuan. What do you want to ask? Labor cost